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Humanidad devenida

2021 | Solo exhibition.

The artist immerses in the expression of movement as the agent of living.

The path of becoming  more, of discovering a part of the infinite during our limited time. The exhibition represents human as the master of change; an entity that inhabits time as perception. These pieces are the convergence of that perception, new and old mixed in the homogenous. Development does not mean forgetting, but putting together, learning.

Vestigios - 200 x 220 cm
Energía - 150 x 110 cm
Transformación que pervive - 160 x 120 cm
Movimiento - 150 x 110 cm
Tiempo vertical - 140 x 180 cm
Humanidad devenida - 160 x 120 cm
Profundidades - 140 x 180 cm
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